Building a Digital Ecosystem that Promotes Local Shopping Experience

The Adify24 brings these around-the-corner General Stores even closer to you. Just a tap away on your smartphone. Based on your location, Adify24 shows local stores of various categories accepting orders and delivering around you. As part of the Digital India movement, let’s encourage more of the local retailers and General Stores in our neighbourhoods to come online and digitally revolutionize the way they service their customers.

"Enjoy unbeatable shopping experience by discovering best offers online & buying it offline directly."

Why Adify24

While the world is getting highly addicted to online ecommerce, with big players cashing on the moolah in exchange for discounts, time and convenience, there is also another side to this glittering story. It is of dissatisfaction (on product quality), anguish (not getting the product delivered on your special day due to shipping delay) and regret (for being lured to big discounts on inflated prices).

Consumers can now browse online for their required products, and buy directly from the nearby stores at their own time. Adify24 is here to reinstate your local shopping experience. You can get superior service, high-quality products, widest variety, best discounts and deals as any ecommerce store – but, with the ‘human’ advantage of Touch, Feel, Try and then Buy.

About Us


1000+ local Shops affiliated.


More than 50,000 visitors.


10% to 80% off